Save Bets in Roulette

Play Poker TableSaving bets is a convenient strategy with online roulette. Watching the wheel spin, again and again, can be monotonous, and changing up your betting strategy is a good way to keep things interesting. Check one of best online casino site here Since inputting a new bet can be a time-consuming process, the save bets option is an excellent way to keep track of your favorite bets and use them again and again.

Saving Bets

In Online Mobile Casinos and Microgaming roulette, you will save your bet by entering expert mode via the EXPERT button. You will see a toolbar with eight blanks numbered buttons and an EDIT button. Click on the EDIT button to access these spots. Choose the spot you want to save your bet in and set up the bet using the sample wheel provided or grab an existing bet with the GET TABLE BETS option. Once your bet is set up on the numbers you want with your desired chip denominations, you can click SAVE LAYOUT to keep this bet in your arsenal for quick use.

Using Bets

Once you have saved your favorite bets, instant play online and you're ready to access them at any time with just a few quick clicks. From the game screen, access the EDIT button. Here you will see that the buttons for your saved bets are active. Simply click on the associated button to activate a bet. The saved bet will automatically show up on the table, and you'll be set to go. With Microgaming roulette, you can save up to eight different betting patterns at once.

Unlike slot machines where the method of betting is quick and simple, roulette requires some complex chip placement. By saving your bets you can play every game more quickly and efficiently.